At Ashthorpe, it’s a point of pride that the instruments we offer meet the rigorous standards of professional musicians while remaining affordable and of excellent value to newcomers and casual performers. Every instrument we sell is designed to exceed your expectations for any kind of instrument in its price range. Indeed, every aspect of an instrument’s sound, size, usability, overall design, and material durability has been carefully considered and taken into account in order to satisfy musicians of every kind. In fact, it’s this dedication to excellence in all aspects that’s earned us a recommendation from for crafting one of their Top 5 Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitars. In particular, they noted how highly rated our Ashthorpe Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar was among customers – with a 96% overall positive rating! [1]

It’s always been our goal to provide premium-quality instruments at an affordable price, and we’re proud that we’ve received this kind of positive recognition. With that spirit in mind, we’d like to share with you just why our Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar has become such a runaway favorite! Read on below to discover not only why the Acoustic-Electric is a fantastically versatile option for guitar fans everywhere, but what makes ours so special – the answer may surprise you!


What is an Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

Although you’re likely already familiar with the sound and shapes of an acoustic or an electric guitar, it’s likely that you’ve not yet heard of the hybrid Acoustic-Electric guitar. To break it down in a simple manner, an Acoustic-Electric guitar is essentially an acoustic-style guitar that is equipped with either a built-in microphone or a pickup system. It’s also known as a ‘plug-in acoustic’ as it has the ability to plug in directly to a soundboard or amplifier. With this microphone or pickup system, the acoustic guitar has the ability to greatly amplify its sound – in this way, you can enjoy the rich timbre of an acoustic guitar but with the volume of an electric guitar.

Acoustic-Electric guitars have this advantage over normal acoustic guitars, especially in areas of a live concert performance, where having enough volume to fill a large space is paramount. Additionally, by being able to plug your guitar directly into a soundboard or amplifier, you can gain a lot more control over the kind of sound you want your guitar to make. This also means your guitar gets a much wider range of sounds it can produce, giving you more sonic depths to explore.

This versatility, flexibility, and ability to be played both acoustic or amplified is why we love Acoustic-Electric Guitars, and our Cutaway Acoustic-Electric is chief among them!


Style and Form, Perfected

Many Acoustic-Electric guitars can seem bulky or heavy to hold. At Ashthorpe, we use a particular style called ‘Cutaway’, which is where a hollow-out space is made in the body of the guitar. This reduced space allows you more comfortable access to playing the top frets of the guitar. However, while our particular Cutaway Acoustic-Electric guitar is full-sized at 41” in length, we went the extra mile by designing it to be Thinline. At only 3” thick, our Thinline Cutaway can boast of having an incredibly unique sound while also being noticeably lighter and easier to carry and play.

Our design innovation didn’t stop there. We chose to use a blend of X-braced, A-grade Spruce wood, and Basswood in the body of the guitar so as to combine the benefits of Basswood’s rich sound with Spruce’s durability. We also chose to use marine-grade Okoume wood in the neck of the guitar for a solid feel while remaining well balanced. Put it all together, and you’ll be able to enjoy a consistent tonality and comfortable playing even after many hours of practice.


Superior Upgrades for Superior Sound

While the overall construction is designed for strength, rich sound, and comfort of use, our Cutaway Acoustic-Electric also benefits from several key upgrades that help it stand apart from similar models. In particular, it uses an integrated 4-band EQ pickup along with volume control so you can alter the sound of your guitar directly from a panel on the side of the guitar’s body. You can alter the bass, mid, treble, and presence with ease, so whether you need to boost the treble for a rollicking solo or tone back the bass to let the drums shine, our Cutaway offers easy flexibility to customize your sound, your way.

We didn’t stop there, however. The strings are stainless steel with phosphor bronze and treated with anti-rust coating for improved durability. You’ll feel comfortable playing them which strumming or Flatpicking, and they’ll help produce a consistently warm and bright tone for your guitar. Additionally, the guitar includes chrome tuning pegs and a bright glossy finish, along with a variety of colors, so you can enjoy a guitar that looks as sleek as it sounds.


Ideal for Beginners and Advanced Guitarists

If you’re uncertain about where to begin with acoustic guitars, or you’re a seasoned pro who wants to jump from acoustic to electric but are worried about losing its unique sound, our Thinline Cutaway guitar is ideal for you. Our Acoustic-Electric guitar offers both a lightweight yet richly resonant instrument that’s ideal for playing music suited to an acoustic guitar. If you then want to transition having more volume or control over your sound, you can plug into an amplifier, and get right to playing with the volume of an electric guitar. It’s a classic design that’s built to last and can survive hours and hours of performance. For musicians who are new to the guitar or are advanced players, these benefits make our Thinline Cutaway ideal for you.


Bundled with All the Goodies

One of the reasons our Thinline Cutaway is so highly rated by our customers is the sheer value you get when you purchase from us. You’re not just getting the guitar after all, but also a host of must-have accessories. Bundled with the guitar is the all-important ‘gig bag’ guitar case, guitar cable for plugging into an amplifier, shoulder strap, as well as two sets of strings (one comes ready to tune and play on the guitar), an owner’s manual for handy reference, and a set of three celluloid picks. The picks come in three types – thin, medium, and heavy to better suit your playing style. As you can see, it’s no wonder people have rated us so highly on value. Plus, with the integrated 4-band EQ pickup, you won’t need to go shopping for a separate utility pedal – you can plug and play with an amplifier right away!

As you can see, our Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric guitar isn’t just a solidly-built instrument that’s capable of meeting a variety of musical needs, it’s also built to look good, play good, feel good, and remain an excellent value for you. With its integrated pickup and 4-band EQ, you can start making music the way that suits you best. At Ashthorpe, we’re proud to offer

our customers the instruments they need, designed for premium quality and at an affordable price. Now that you’ve had a chance to see why thousands have fallen in love with our Acoustic-Electric guitar, why don’t you head on over to and see for yourself?

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