Drum & Percussion Instruments - Sets, Snares & Kalimbas

    Percussion instruments are a ton of fun to play and allow you to literally march to the beat of your own drum(ing). With full-sized three and five-piece drum kits, even the most experienced of professionals will love these Ashthorpe sets complete with Remo heads. Our stellar drum kits are further complemented by our roto tom and individual snare sets so that you can create your ideal kit. We also carry kalimbas (aka thumb pianos) that are technically considered a percussion instruments and will start great conversations just by showing it off and plucking a simple tune. Regardless if you’re just starting in the school band or you’re a seasoned pro, let Ashthorpe be a guide on your musical journey.

    Adult 5-Piece Drum Set with Remo Heads


    Genuine Remo heads: Each drum in this set features prestigious Remo brand UT-series batter heads (top side of drum). Remo is the world's largest drumhead company and their products combine...

    Adult 5-Piece Drum Set with Remo Heads & Brass Cymbals


    Genuine Remo heads: Each drum in this set features prestigious Remo brand UT-series heads for both the batter (top side) and resonant (bottom side) head. Remo is the world's largest...

    Roto Tom Drum Set - 6", 8", 10" Toms with Remo Heads & Drumsticks


    Genuine Remo heads: Ashthorpe's roto tom drum set features prestigious Remo UT-series brand heads. Remo is the world's largest drumhead company and their products combine industry excellence with classic sound...

    Snare Drum Set with Remo Head & Stand


    Genuine Remo head: Ashthorpe's snare drum features a prestigious Remo brand UT-series head, batter (top side) and resonant (bottom side) heads. Remo is the world's largest drumhead company and their...

    12-Inch Drum Practice Pad Set with Stand


    Practice pad drum set: Ashthorpe's practice pad drum set includes a 12-inch drum pad, an adjustable snare stand, a backpack carrying bag, three sets of drumsticks, and dampener gels. Whether...

    Ashthorpe makes music happen for a wide range of passionate players, from beginners to hobbyists to bandleaders. We use durable materials, proven designs, and a sturdy construction process to produce instruments that last. Ashthorpe instruments are recognizable by their rich, full sound and are suitable for just about any situation, whether it’s a practice or a recording.


    Our collection of percussion instruments, including full-sized adult kits, snare drum sets, roto tom sets, kalimbas, and kids’ drum kits provide opportunities for any type of player at any stage of development to immediately start enjoying the benefits of playing music.


    Ashthorpe is committed to making the art of music accessible with quality and affordability for as many people as possible.


    Learn About It

    How many times have you tapped your finger on your desk or at the dinner table, waiting anxiously, impatiently, or excitedly? Most of us have playfully slapped the steering wheel or dashboard while jamming along to a song on the car radio. We are all amateur percussionists, and just about anyone can play a percussion instrument without an ounce of instruction. We hear rhythms and beats, and they linger on in our consciousness, a driving force for self-expression and physical well-being that mimics the benefits of exercise.


    Percussion instruments are primarily known as the heartbeat of musical performances, by providing rhythm, and, in the case of pitched instruments like the kalimba, melody, and harmony. They play a starring role in marching bands, orchestras, and nearly every type of musical genre.


    The roto tom is a regular part of marching bands because composers often seek specific pitches from its tunable nature. It has no shell and is tuned by rotating, producing a variable definite pitch. The snare drum is also heavily present in the marching band, often being the first instrument you hear as the band is counted off and begins to play.


    There is an enormously vast range of percussion instruments, many of which represent cultural traditions found only in certain parts of the world and some of the oldest instruments on the planet. Moreover, there are almost as many ways to play percussion. One can use a hand, a stick, or other implements to strike, scrape, or shake a wide range of unique instruments. The kalimba, for example, is based on early African percussion instruments. Known elsewhere as a thumb piano, it consists of a wooden board with metal tines that players pluck with their fingers to generate sounds.


    Features to Consider

    Percussion instruments are classified in several ways. Typically, they are split into pitched (producing notes) or unpitched (producing sounds without pitch). Pitched instruments will add an extra layer of musicality and require a basic understanding of musical scales. Percussion instruments are also defined by methods of sound production, like vibration, striking, or even blowing air. Other classifications are by orchestration, culture, or conventional/unconventional. There are many rarer folk percussion instruments that are associated with various cultures, some of which have origins dating to ancient times.


    Drums are the most visible percussion instrument and come in various sizes, setups, and styles. Standard drum kits are the most recognizable and readily available and include pieces most people are familiar with like the bass drum, floor tom, snare drum, and crash cymbal. You’ll first need to choose between an adult drum kit and a junior drum set, and the most common varieties will be available as a 3-piece drum set or a 5-piece drum set. It’s also essential to think about what style of music you’ll be playing. For example, a rock drum kit will be larger than a jazz drum kit and have thicker drum shells to create a punchier sound.


    If a drum instrument is not a good fit, there are many other percussion choices. How do you feel most comfortable and coordinated performing percussion? Do you prefer to strike or pluck? Do you like using a mallet or your hands? Answering these questions will enable the best selection. It’s also worth thinking about what styles of music you’d like to play. Percussion’s central role in most musical formats provides ample inspiration.


    Benefits to Playing

    Percussion offers many cost-effective choices that are relatively easy to use when playing with others or alone. The immense diversity of percussion instruments means it’s nearly impossible for someone not to find an excellent fit for their specific needs. There is a percussion instrument for everyone; it’s just a matter of connecting to the one that jives with your inner beat.


    For starters, playing the drums, and many other percussion instruments is a form of exercise and provides numerous health benefits. It reduces anxiety and stress, promotes higher cognitive function, and can even boost the immune system.


    Our Ashthorpe drum kits are sold as packages, like many kids’ drum sets, including sticks, seats, and instructions. This helps ensure a complete percussion experience. For those looking to experiment, there are many smaller, less cumbersome percussion options to choose from and tinker with before investing in a larger, more complex instrument.


    Engaging with percussion, especially for beginner musicians of any age, is a great way to get started in performance, or to scratch that musical itch. Because they are so accessible, percussion instruments are often a gateway instrument to music. Once ready for the stage, percussionists, especially drummers, often start songs or are in the spotlight during solos, musical breaks, or big finishes, with plenty of opportunities to stand out.


    Things to Consider

    Selecting the perfect percussion instrument will depend on a variety of factors. To make the best choice, it’s a good idea to understand some of the basics.


    For starters, you’ll want to gauge how much noise is appropriate for your surroundings to make an appropriate percussion choice. Smaller percussion instruments, like the kalimba, are a better fit for those who have smaller homes or nearby neighbors. On the other hand, those who live in a large house or with a lot of open space surrounding their home will have an easier time playing full drum kits and other louder percussion instruments without causing too much disruption.


    Percussion is a perfect choice for children who are first getting introduced to playing instruments. For one thing, kids can get enjoyment from simply banging away without much instruction. If they choose a quality beginner drum set, it will hold up long enough for young learners to seek out education online or with a trained teacher. Also, since many percussion choices are smaller and quieter, there are plenty of other engaging options for the experimenting budding musician.


    For older first-time musicians, percussion also offers accessibility. To successfully get started in learning percussion, one only needs to know how to count. Counting out the beats and keeping time mentally make it easy for any newbie to get satisfaction from their new percussion instrument. Understanding notation and reading music will surely come later, but there are many active drummers who play consistently and professionally without those skills.



    Making music helps us feel healthy, happy, and connected. Playing percussion is one of the most fulfilling ways to start or continue your musical journey because of the variety, physical nature, and cultural richness of options. Ashthorpe’s drum sets and other percussion offerings bring accessibility and quality to any room, for practices, or for concerts. With so many options to choose from, it’s possible for anyone to start enjoying the dynamic exhilaration of percussion.

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