Brass Musical Instruments - BB Trumpets, French Horns & Trombones

    Brass instruments are vital to nearly every musical genre with their rich low tones, high-pitched trills, and all the beautiful full sounds in between. With Bb trombones, trumpets, pocket trumpets, baritones, and euphoniums as well as French horns you're sure to find the exact brass you're looking for regardless if you're just learning or a tried-and-true professional. All our brass instruments include a carrying case, polishing cloth, white gloves, piston oil, and slide grease (where applicable) to ensure proper care and maintenance. You can even choose between gold and nickel finishes to fit your exact need and want. With a quality instrument from Ashthorpe, you'll be blasting on your brass in no time.


    Bb Tenor Slide Trombone with Padded Case


    Excellent for student musicians: Crafted of highly durable brass with a range of features that foster great handling and playing, this tenor trombone from Ashthorpe was made especially for the...

    Bb Pocket Trumpet with Padded Case

    $136.99 – $144.99

    Excellent for student musicians: Created specifically for the needs of students, the Ashthorpe Pocket Trumpet offers powerful performance and great craftsmanship. An easy to handle body with mouthpiece, .460-inch bore,...

    Bb Standard Trumpet with Padded Case

    $126.99 – $131.99

    Excellent for student musicians: Designed specifically for the needs of beginners, students, and those just learning to play a brass instrument, the Ashthorpe Trumpet features fine quality and exceptional performance....

    Bb Tenor Slide Trombone with F Trigger and Padded Case - Gold Lacquer Finish


    Excellent for student musicians: Crafted of highly durable brass with a range of features that foster great handling and playing, this tenor trombone with F-attachment from Ashthorpe was made especially...

    Brass Instruments for Everyone

    Music provides humanity with an avenue in which to express oneself from the heart and in a universal language understood and appreciated across the globe. No matter what your skill level or your age is, Ashthorpe offers you complete fulfillment of your every musical desire. Brass instruments encompass a wide array of essential components to virtually any and every musical genre. Although they have been in existence since as far back as the 15th century, their use has become exceedingly more popular as time goes by. They are capable of a powerful sound, as well as offering variety and subtlety. Whether you are new to playing music or a seasoned professional, you know you are worthy of both quality and reliability when it comes to your instrument.


    Practice Makes Perfect

    The sound from a brass instrument is created by a player’s lips vibrating together against the mouthpiece. The tension that you as the musician create with your lips will determine the notes that are produced. This group of musical instruments require proper methods of breathing, valve technique, maintenance, and, arguably most important, practice.


    Practice makes perfect is a cliché phrase for a good reason - it’s 100% true. Practicing with a brass instrument is crucial to producing the correct sounds and learning muscle memory for finger placements. Practice will feel like a privilege with an Ashthorpe instrument and the moment you try yours, it will likely be hard for you to put it down!


    Impeccable Quality and Unmatched Sound

    Ashthorpe offers impressively crafted brass instruments, as well as all the extra bells and whistles that will keep your instrument cared for and properly maintained. Serving student musicians, beginners, and professionals alike - Ashthorpe is humbly known for its excellent quality, finely tuned specifications, and overall customer satisfaction. Our brass instruments for band and orchestra are no exception when it comes to our impressive reputation.


    One of the most noteworthy aspects of the way these instruments are designed is their versatility. With beginners and advanced practitioners in mind, they offer you the opportunity to grow as a musician without having to purchase new equipment each step of the way. Regardless if your playing in the school marching band, a jazz, ska, rock or blues band, a concert orchestra or have made your way as a solo artist our instruments are the perfect companion.


    Dedicated to quality, performance, durability, and affordability, Ashthorpe manufactures brass instruments that musicians can seriously appreciate. Our trumpets, pockets trumpets, baritones, euphoniums, French horns, and trombones are all crafted with excellent attention to detail. Each instrument is made with a commitment to durable brass and a wide range of features that serve you, the musician. If you are looking for incredible sound, easy handling, and a full maintenance kit, Ashthorpe products are the musical products for you. This trusted brand understands that details matter.


    The rich vibrations of the brass section provide a powerful sound that links harmoniously with any accompanied music. Producing brilliant sound, volume, and pitch, this collection of musical instruments ensures maximum durability and performance. With the choice between the magnificent shine of a gold or a nickel finish, you get exactly what you need and want from Ashthorpe. The trumpets, pocket trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, French horns, and baritones each have their own unique penetrating sounds, as well as smooth and accurate tones. Designed with your musical needs in mind, this collection is sure to prove just how exquisite the construction is and how incredibly the sound is produced. Ashthorpe has you covered down to the finest details, including maintenance and proper storage.


    Quality Accessories

    When you purchase your horn instrument, you also receive various additional accessories. Ashthorpe’s brass musical instruments include a carrying case, polishing cloth, piston oil, white gloves, and slide grease (for the trombones). You can rest assured that your instrument is not only made from high quality materials, but that you will have everything you need to keep it functioning smoothly. With Ashthorpe’s inclusive bundles, there is no need to go searching for extra products to store, clean, or maintain your new horn.


    Not only are these musical instruments designed to last, but the accompanying accessories ensure that you have everything you need as a musician to maintain your instrument’s longevity. In a society so comfortable with ditching what is old and getting the latest thing, Ashthorpe provides recommendations on how to ensure the life of your brass instrument. It is evident that the experience of the musician is at the forefront of their concern.


    Bb Baritone

    The Ashthorpe Bb Baritone comes with features including a Bb key, .528 inch bore, nine inch bell, stainless steel pistons, rose brass leadpipe, cupronickel-exterior turning pipe, and an exquisite gold lacquer finish. Each of these attributes contribute to the supreme functionality offered by this product.


    Bb Euphonium

    The Ashthorpe Bb Euphonium sports four stainless steel pistons, your choice between a beautiful gold lacquer or nickel plating, a .566-inch bore, a 12-inch bell, and a Bb key for marvelous sound, volume, and pitch.


    Single F French Horn

    The Ashthorpe Single F French Horn with gold lacquer finish also offers remarkable features including three keys, a .450-inch bore, and a 12-inch bell. This french horn was crafted to produce astounding sound projection. Three solid rotary valves allow for noticeably responsive and smooth key work.


    Bb Pocket Trumpet

    An easy to handle body, the Ashthorpe Bb Brass Pocket Trumpet, available in a gold or nickel finish, features a .460-inch bore, Bb key, and a four-inch bell. This model is fantastic for beginner players; however, players of all skill levels will notice how pure and pleasing the sound and vibration are.


    Standard Bb Trumpet

    The Standard Bb Trumpet features a Bb key, a .460-inch bore, and a five-inch bell. With superb airtightness, this trumpet is reliable with no air leakage.


    Bb Tenor Slide Trombone and Bb Tenor Slide Trombone with F Trigger

    The Ashthorpe Bb Tenor Slide Trombone was crafted to produce excellent sound, volume, and pitch. With features like a Bb key, .500-inch bore, eight-inch bell, and nickel-plated hand slide, ensure beautiful tone and supreme sound transmission. Similarly, the Ashthorpe Bb Tenor Trombone with F Trigger includes attributes such as the Bb/F key, the .500-inch bore, and an eight-inch bell. The sound is bright and penetrating while the tone is smooth and accurate.


    Why Choose Ashthorpe

    With endless choices, you are sure to find your perfect brass musical companion. Ashthorpe is a trusted resource for all your musical needs. Essentially a one stop shop for the instrument itself, durable storage, and maintenance - Ashthorpe offers you everything you need to start or continue on your musical journey. Allow yourself the opportunity to blast on brass with this unique and reliable collection of instruments. If you need excellent quality and remarkable value, look no further than these beautifully crafted horns with exquisite features designed to produce the finest performance. With warm and rich intonation, durable brass, and a mirror-like finish, this collection of musical instruments offers you an exceptional playing experience.


    Treat yourself the finest products and take your playing to the next level. You don’t have to be a double platinum musician in Hollywood to deserve the best of the best. However, shopping with Ashthorpe just might be your ticket there.

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