Let’s face it we’re all rock stars at heart, just waiting for the right opportunity to express the musical genius and stylistic flair within us on the brightest stages with the biggest audiences. However, there’s one thing we all tend to forget in our daydreams of fame and fortune: having the right instrument. It’s not enough to pick up any old pair of drumsticks and sitting down to the snare drum we borrowed from our next-door neighbor. No, you need a set of drums that’s as dedicated as you are to achieving that dream. A set of drums that will last you throughout hours and hours of strenuous practice without dents or dings.

Whether you’re looking to improve your craft as a professional, or you simply want to make time in your day to unwind with a high-quality musical instrument, look no further than our 5-piece Adult Drum Set. It’s got everything you need to make music comfortably and easily; from the name you can trust. Read on to discover what makes our Drum Set so special, and who knows – maybe it’s just what you need to unleash the true rock star inside of you.

Just What I Needed

While other suppliers may only provide you with one instrument at a time, we decided it was a better use of your time and money to get everything you need to become a drumming prodigy all in one convenient place. To that end, we designed for you the Adult 5-Piece Drum Set. This drum set includes everything that you could need for proper practice and perfect performance.

Within this set, you’ll find a 22” x 16” ten-lug bass drum, a 14” x 6” snare drum with wires, 14” hi-hat cymbals, a 16” ride cymbal, a 16” x 16” floor tom, and two mounted toms – one in 13” x 10” size and the other in 12” x 9” size, both of which come with adjustable tilt memory locks for faster set-up. This setup is used by drummers all over the world, so you can trust that any previous experience with typical drum sets can carry over comfortably. Whether you’re just a novice or a skilled professional, our five-piece set is ideal for performing a wide variety of musical styles.

Beyond the instruments themselves, you’ll also receive all the necessary components for assembly and performance. This includes an adjustable padded throne stool, a pair of wood drumsticks, all the necessary stands (adjustable, of course), a drum adjustment key, and upgraded chain-driven pedals. In short, our drum set contains everything you’ll need to start playing right away, without having to worry about finding extra parts afterward just to enjoy your favorite songs.


Bang A Gong (Or Just our Remo Head Drums!)

Ashthorpe prides itself on providing only high-quality materials and instruments for its customers. Obviously, every company likes to say that, but only Ashthorpe goes the extra mile when it comes to our instruments. Case in point: the Remo heads used in our 5-piece drum set. You might be thinking “what’s so special about using Remo heads in my drums?”. If you must ask, then we think that its best you read on.

Remo is the world’s foremost drumhead company, with their drumheads having a reputation for producing expertly crafted, long-lasting drumheads that produce a crisp, clear sound. For over sixty years Remo has been THE name for excellence in drumheads, which is why we chose to use them when we were designing this drum set to meet the needs of beginners and professionals alike. Each drum in our drum set uses Remo’s UT-series drumheads on both the top and bottom sides, so you can rely on having a top-quality experience from your drums for a long time. We want you to enjoy your drums all the time you’re playing them, and that means applying expert craftsmanship in all aspects.


Paint It Black

Sure, we use Remo heads in our drums, and that’s impressive – but the really cool thing about these drums is, well, just how dang cool they look! These drums have a timeless look and feel to them, one that should be instantly recognizable to drummers and non-drummers alike. Our drums use all-chrome hardware and accents for a stylish, easy-to-clean look, and come in several different finishes so you can express your drumming style throughout every fill and solo. No matter your musical style, you’ll find these drums will help you express it your way.

It’s not just in looks where our drum set shines, however. Our cymbals are made with premium brass for a strong sound and look, while each drum benefits from poplar hardwood shells for a clean sound and light weight. Each material for each drum has been chosen specifically for its ability to provide the ideal acoustic experience. Your drumming shouldn’t suffer from poor-quality materials, nor should it hold you back because it wasn’t built to last. Our five-piece drum set looks good to play on, feels good to play on, and is ready for both the stage and practice, whether at the studio or in the comfort of your own home.


Build Me Up, Ashthorpe

In case you were worried you needed to be an expert roadie in order to handle the setup of our drum set, have no fear – each drum set comes with a set of detailed, straightforward instructions for painless setup. Instead of having to scour the web for manuals and YouTube tutorials, you’ve got everything you need to set up your drums and get to playing right in the box!

We also included a guide to the proper layout of the drums to better suit your playing style, and a tuning guide to get the acoustics of your drums just right. Finally, instrument assembly that doesn’t stress you out!



Grab That Cash with Both Hands…

At this point, you might be wondering how it is that you’re supposed to rob the local bank or become the heir to a millionaire to afford such incredible quality. The bad news? It’s illegal to rob banks. The good news? You don’t need to! Ashthorpe instruments are designed to provide you with a superior musical experience at a price that can fit within your budget. You’ll receive the same incredible sound quality from our drum sets as you would from a set that costs twice as much. Learning and performing music shouldn’t be something that you’re priced out of doing – it should be something that we all have access to.

Terrible song puns aside, everything you’ve just read about the Ashthorpe 5-Piece Drum Set for Adults is true: It’s a fantastic set of premium-quality drums, fully equipped with Remo heads and designed for the ideal acoustic performance. You’ll also find that these drums are both affordable and designed for quick and easy assembly without having to sacrifice musical fidelity. Whether you are just starting out with learning the drums, or you need a professional-grade kit for practice or stage performance, Ashthorpe’s Adult 5-Piece Drum Set won’t let you down. Head on over to ashthorpe.com when you’re ready to rock out with the instrument that’s right for you, especially our wonderful drum sets, and instruments designed for kids!